Our Mission:

Our mission is to excel in Maritime Research and Education 
In this mission, our specific aims are:

- To develop a sustainable and scientific educational background in order to graduate environmentally conscious maritime officers with analytical, creative and contemporary thinking, strong social and leadership skills, who will work in national and international vessels/sectors as well as being able to conduct research, development and production activities on land if necessary.

- To develop an interdisciplinary educational and research background in order to educate academicians who will contribute to knowledge and technology production and transfer, create positive impact on the national and international maritime sector while working under the guidance of scientific, engineering and maritime ethics.

-To work for the advancement of knowledge and technology production in the maritime field by participating in national and international interdisciplinary research activities.

Our Vision:

- To develop the strategies and methods in the advancement of maritime education; and to become an interdisciplinary and dynamic scientific center of excellence which can adopt itself in line with the changing conditions as a part of a premier research university.