MTA SISMIK-1 was constructed on 18th May 1942 with the name AGIR in Germany. After the Second World War in 1949, it began to be worked as a rescue boat named as HERCULES on behalf of the United Kingdom. Between 1950-1954, it was used as gibraltar. In 1954, it is bought by Maritime Bank and its name is changed to HORA. It has been used as a rescue boat for 4 years in Istanbul and for 10 years  in Izmir. Between 1968 – 1975, used as pilot station in Izmir. In 1975, it is bought by MTA and its named changed to MTA-SISMIK-1. Sınce 2005, it has been used as a training ship in our faculty.


ITU MARTI was constructed in 1966. It has been used as a service boat upto now. In our faculy, it is used for maneuvering courses.


HOPA-1 was constructed on 28th May 1965 in Istinye shipyard. It has been used as a service boat in our faculty since 22nd Feb. 2015.